One day in 2009, LG and I spent a few hours watching a PGA tournament before heading out to the course for twilight tee times. We sat, discussed some aspect of the game and made comments about what we were seeing. As we did, we couldn’t help but notice that our commentary outpaced the TV “analysts,” as our observations were at least a few minutes ahead of everything they said. We decided to try providing our own commentary in an attempt to see how far ahead of the TV announcers we could get. We pointed out how Tom Watson’s wedge was severely open; we even called Miguel Angel Jimenez “the most interesting man in the world” before Jason Sobel adopted that name for him. This pushed us to wonder…if these people are “professionals” at this industry, could we do the same? Could we be better?

The Power Fade evolved as an experiment following this experience. Rather than just speculating, we decided to try our hand at putting together information. Certainly, neither LG nor I believe we are exceptional at this–or anything golf-related. But we hoped to provide our readers with some information that, perhaps, the mainstream has left off. We hope to give our readers a golf experience that shows some new perspective, exposes our readers to new opinions and options, and provides our readers with information they can use in their golfing careers.

Certainly, not everything here will be correct, accurate, or precise. We apologize for our errors, as we both have full-time careers and cannot focus our attention on every detail of this. However, LG and I love the game of golf and will do our best to share any of the small bit of things we know with the others who, just like us, are taken with this game.

2 Responses to “About JK”

  1. Erin Says:

    Hey JK & LG-

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that The Power Fade Golf Blog has been featured in the “Golf Course Reviewer Awards” at
    Congratulations and keep up the awesome work with The Power Fade Golf Blog!

    Golf Top 18

    PS:There’s a badge to show your readers that you’ve won. Many of the winners have already
    added the badge to their footer or sidebar.
    Contact me for the html.

  2. Dorn Beattie Says:

    I recently discovered your November 19, 2012, Understanding Putters: Head Weights, Swingweights, and Correlation to Green Speed. Great article!
    Please get in touch with me. Dorn Beattie (
    I would ask that you visit my website
    We believe we have the most scientifically advanced (and beautiful) putter since 1959! Bold statement. I am curious what the Golfer with an Engineering Degree may have to say.



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