Below is a list of equipment manufacturers you may not have heard of before. Although we intend to review many of these clubs, the list got so long that we at the PF needed to share them with our readership. I hope this helps you all find something you need.

Also, very soon, we will have postings on how to buy and sell golf clubs, which will most likely be enlightening. Hopefully, we will provide you with information you haven’t heard before.

Geek –
Integra –
Alpha –
Infinity –
Nakashima –
Vega –
Hakusa –
Fourteen –
Honma –
Nippon –
Nickent –
Sonartec/Royal Collection – See also, although Sonartec is now defunct.

Exotics –
C & L Putters –
Byron Morgan Putters –
Sunset Beach Putters –
Slighter Putters –
Gel Golf (Paul Hurrion) –
Kevin Burns Putters –
Lasoji Putters –
Palombi Putters –
Ken Giannini Putters –
Gold’s Factory Putters and Wedges – See also this forum
Chikara Wedges – see link
Grip Master Grips –
Iomic Grips –
Best Grips –

For custom work,
Kevin Colbert Putter Finishing –
Tom Slighter
Black Oxide Service
Joe Kwok

For other information, see the resources below:
See also

Recently Added:
Gauge Design –
George Spirits –
RomaRo – see
Kenmachi Wedges – see Golf WRX forum
Yururi –

For a COMPREHENSIVE (and probably dated) list of putter manufacturers, check out the putting zone,

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  1. LG Says:

    This is great! Thanks, JK!

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