*Updated 4/2015*

My golf story begins from when I attended law school at UC Davis (Go Ags!) starting in 2007.  I toyed with the idea of playing golf because I thought it was one of those things I should be familiar with because I held the belief that lawyers play golf.  That little experiment soon became a full blown obsession, but much to my dismay, I rarely meet lawyers that play golf.  They always seem to be billing…  My career has taken me to some interesting places, including currently not actively practicing law.  My current role in sales for two companies has allowed me to spend more time on the course and work on my game.  Hopefully, I’ll have something to show for all that time besides a lower handicap 🙂

My greatest golf experience, ironically, does not involve a club.  I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland with my younger brother during my bar trip (a trip recently recovering law students take after having binged on law for three months and vomiting it all over their computers.)  We took a 2 hour bus ride from Edinburgh to Fife to visit the Old Course at St. Andrews.  We arrived on an uncharacteristically calm and sunny day and were able to walk the entire course from first tee to eighteenth green in Open Championship condition.  Absolutely amazing.

My goals:

break 80 from the tips (does shooting 80 5 times from the tips count?…)
eagle (check)
10 fairways (check)
16 GIR

One day:
I’ll play amateur tournaments respectably
I’ll be a scratch golfer
I’ll beat JK in a round of match play

My reason for writing this blog:
to stay connected to the game while working long hours and neglecting my short game
to provide an enthusiastic 8-handicapper’s perspective on golf issues
to help anyone who find my opinion of use
to entertain.

Please enjoy!  comments welcome!

One Response to “About LG”

  1. Alex Says:

    Cool site guys! LG, I played golf before I was a lawyer, but would nonetheless be willing to play with a fellow lawyer–especially if that person isn’t actually a lawyer any longer (those are usually the best types). You have hit so many great ones in the Bay Area! I have had some good success playing out there despite being from NYC. Was out there a few weeks ago and loved my round at Cal Club–one of my favorite courses. Seems like you have played a few times. If you are ever out in the NY area and want to tee it up, let me know. I try to play Bethpage once a month or so.




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