Apparently, there’s another major this week?

Glory’s last shot at Baltusrol… yada yada yada…

Win: Jordan Spieth
Winning score: -6
Runner-up: Phil Mickelson
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Jason Kokrak
Low PGA Professional: Rod Perry
The US Open Winner (Dustin Johnson) will: Top 10, probably T2
The Masters Winner (Danny Willett) will: Make the cut
The Open Champion (Henrik) will: Top 10
The 2015 PGA Championship Winner (Jason Day) will: Top 10
Sergio Garcia will: Miss cut
Hideki Matsuyama will: Make Cut
Adam Scott will: Top 10
Bubba Watson will: Get caught in his jetpack
Will someone win it, or everyone else lose it: Tough rounds in the middle of the week, but Spieth lights it up on the weekend to take his third major
What will be the biggest storyline of the tournament: Jordan coming back after not showing up for most of the year
Will you watch on Sunday: Hell no…I’ll be flying somewhere golfy

Win: Rory
Winning score: -15
Runner-up: DJ
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Kevin Chappell
Low PGA Professional: Mitch Lowe (GO MITCH!)
The US Open Winner (Dustin Johnson) will: 2nd!
The Masters Winner (Danny Willett) will: MC
The Open Champion (Henrik) will: Make Cut
The 2015 PGA Championship Winner (Jason Day) will: Make Cut
Sergio Garcia will: Top 10 (sorry, Sergio)
Hideki Matsuyama will: Make Cut
Adam Scott will: Make Cut
Bubba Watson will: Miss Cut
Will someone win it, or everyone else lose it: Rory takes it down.
What will be the biggest storyline of the tournament: Classic Rory/Tigeresque win.  He’s Back!
Will you watch on Sunday: Nope – on a plane to Scotland!

Hot off the press, the PF releases its predictions for the 2016 Open Championship at Royal Troon. The 7,175 yard course in Glasgow (which JK might maybe possibly get to play in a few weeks) is one of the classic tracks in all of the old country. This will be its 9th hosting of the Open, with notable winners Bobby Locke, Arnold Palmer, Tom Weiskopf, Tom Watson, and Justin Leonard. The most recent was 2004 when Todd Hamilton edged out Ernie Els in one of the biggest upsets in major golf history. We’d be remiss to fail to mention The Postage Stamp green on at the 8th at Royal Troon, one of the most iconic shots in all of golf ( Will this hole be the one to decide the Champion Golfer of the Year? We will soon find out.

Win: Jordan Spieth
Winning score: -8
Runner-up: Graeme McDowell
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Alexander Noren
The US Open Winner (Dustin Johnson) will: Top 10
The Masters Winner (Danny Willett) will: MC
The 2015 PGA Championship Winner (Jason Day) will: Make the cut
Last year’s Open Champion (Zach Johson) will: Top 10
The 2014 Open Champion (Rory McIlroy) will: Top 10
The 2013 Open Champion (Phil Mickelson) will: Make the cut
Sergio Garcia will: bounce it off a flagstick OB. MC
Hideki Matsuyama will: swing out of his shoes, which doesn’t work at Troon. MC
Adam Scott will: have a nice week. Make the cut
Henrik Stenson will: Make the cut
Bubba Watson will: post a stupid video. MC.
Will someone win it, or everyone else lose it: Combination of both–one shining star plays just well enough to outlast an embattled field
What will be the biggest storyline of the tournament: Spieth goes wire-to-wire
Will you watch on Sunday: as long as it looks something like what I’ve outlined above and not a garbage can fire of players, then yes.

Win: Jim Furyk
Winning score: -2
Runner-up: Tony Finau
Unknown in the Top 10: Tony Finau…
The US Open Winner (Dustin Johnson) will: Miss Cut
The Masters Winner (Danny Willett) will: Make Cut…possibly top 10
The 2015 PGA Championship Winner (Jason Day) will: Make cut
Last year’s Open Champion (Zach Johson) will: Make cut
The 2014 Open Champion (Rory McIlroy) will: Make Cut
The 2013 Open Champion (Phil Mickelson) will: Miss Cut
Sergio Garcia will: Top 10 – possibly playoff with Tony Finau and Jim Furyk
Hideki Matsuyama will: Miss Cut
Adam Scott will: Make cut
Henrik Stenson will: Make Cut
Bubba Watson will: Hopefully miss his flight
Will someone win it, or everyone else lose it: Furyk grinds out a huge win
What will be the biggest storyline of the tournament: the weather
Will you watch on Sunday: I’ll be playing Old MacDonald 😀

Make Golf Fun Again

July 4, 2016

Happy Am-exit day, everyone!  In the spirit of the occasion, the PowerFade team has decided to do something that the country as a whole is threatening to do: when faced with mass hysteria about the state of an alleged problem, we’re going to throw out everything anyone has ever done to try to fix a problem and replace it with an entirely new regime that has never been tried or tested.  In this case, we’re talking about the rules of golf.

In the wake of yet another rules fiasco at the U.S. Open that could have cost Dustin Johnson yet another U.S. Open title, several questions keep coming to mind: why are the rules of golf so damn hard to understand?  Shouldn’t they be easier to understand?  Why isn’t the USGA following their own rules?  And most important: are the arcane and unapproachable rules contributing to why golf is falling off in popularity in this country and around the world?

After discussions between JK, LG, and the AMTP, we have devised a set of rules for the weekend golf crew that we think will make golf fun again.  Disclaimer: in order to prevent these rules from becoming as cumbersome as “the Rules of Golf,” we have assumed a certain amount of knowledge of the “Rules” and of golf in general.  We’re not a rules making body, and the scores that result from playing with our versions should not be posted for handicap purposes.  Read: You’ll end up losing a lot of money in your regular $2 nassau if you start posting these scores, so don’t do it.

Rules of PowerFade Golf

Goals of our rules: Make golf faster, more fun, and keep it in the spirit of the game.

  1. The Game:
    1. …it’s golf.  Hit the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.
  2. Playing the game:
    1. Winter rules apply everywhere – No bad lies.  If you roll into a divot off the tee – move it.  If you get a fried egg in a bunker, roll it out, but stay in the bunker.  If you get a gnarly lie in the rough, improve it.  Mud ball? clean it.
  3. Scoring
    1. No penalty shots will be assessed for hitting into or out of hazards.  Not even if you ground your club in a bunker.
    2. All marked or staked hazards/Out of bounds will be played as lateral hazards if possible.  This means drop it within approximately two flag sticks of the nearest point you think it went into the hazard.
    3. If it is not possible to play a hazard/OB, yell over at your opponent and come to a fast and reasonable agreement about where you should play from.  Remember, karma is a bitch.
    4. On the green: only intentional putts count toward your stroke total.  If the ball moves closer to the hole at address without an intentional stroke, move it back to where it was.  If it moves away from the hole, play it as it lies.
    5. On the green: no more than 3 putts are allowed.  If you reach the green in 1 shot, the worst you can do is 4.  Once you reach 3 putts, pick up.  If the greens have been punched in the last 3 weeks, automatic two putts are mandatory.
    6. Once you reach 8 strokes, pick up.  If you both reach 8 strokes, the hole is pushed.
  4. Tees: Any set of tees that are 6,400 yards or shorter.  It may help to modify the scorecard by tearing off the top two sets of tees that are no longer relevant, or even part of the course, as far as you are concerned.
  5.  Equipment
    1. No limit on the number of clubs in your bag.  (You’re welcome, Phil)
    2. You may only use one putter per hole (no switching putters between putts).  (Sorry, Phil)
    3. You may NOT adjust an adjustable club during the round.
  6. Time of play: 15 minutes per hole or fewer.  There’s no scoring penalty for violating this rule, but don’t be a pill.  If your group violates this rule more than once in a given match, each member of the group must donate $5 to the local First Tee organization per violation.  If, at any point during the match, the total amount of the bets placed on the first tee has been exceeded by repeated violations of the $5 rule, any member of the group that has not already deposited his or her clubs in the nearest lake should do so, and everyone should trudge into the bar so as not to have wasted the entire Saturday.
  7. In general, discrepancies that are not addressed by the rules should be handled with common sense.  To the extent common sense is not available, trial by combat is appropriate, assuming no violation of Rule 6.

Next up: The PowerFade team reviews how well the rules accomplished their objectives by playing a round or two using them.  Please feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below if you use these rules during your next round!  If you’re going to troll this, please do so in a way that makes us laugh 🙂

The Anonymous Mini-Tour Pro presents: Shooting Your Best Score Ever

Are you looking to shoot your best score ever?

Well, good luck sifting through the red-stake-marked pool of advice that exists in all types of outlets that cover golf – magazines, the golf channel, your local pro, and of course your golf buddies. Good news though! This column will guide you through accomplishing just that.

The bad news, however, is that it’s going to require you to take a tee and prick the massively inflated bubble that is your sense of self. Take Mr. 85 for example: he goes around with his single digit index of 9.9 and consistently throws away shots by thinking that he should employ the same strategy as the pros. The most important lesson he should learn in order to shoot his best score ever is that everyone is really terrible at golf.

And yet, one might say, Tiger in 2000 won practically every tournament – he wasn’t bad at golf! False. Tiger would consistently take 60 to 75 shots to complete a round, of which only 18 of his shots would find the bottom of the hole. I will double check the numbers but I believe that is way less than 100% of his shots. Perhaps even below 90%. So you see, if Tiger would only put 18 of 69 shots in the hole, a terrible rate, and he was best ever, think how bad Mr. 85 must be at golf – really, really awful!

The goal in golf is to be the least awful you can be. Remember that next time you aim for a tucked pin from 240 out to an island green guarded by alligators.

So let’s go through some common scenarios and see if Mr. 85 can alter his decision-making in an attempt to shoot his least horrible score ever:


A classic scene when observing Mr. 85 preparing to hit a 15 foot putt is a series of useless rituals that will not put a dent in the high likelihood that he will 3 putt. The problem lies in the fact that the plumbob, 360 degree green reading, and 7 practice strokes do not turn him from a horrible putter into an okay putter but instead turn him from a horrible putter into a still horrible putter whose stupid rituals distract him from having correct speed on his putts and also hold up the group behind him – the same group who earlier in the round were also doing stupid putting rituals but are now drunk and stopped caring about score and may get violent if they see one more plumbob out of Mr. 85. Let’s break it down:

Best player ever: makes 10% of 15 footers

Mr. 85’s opinion: “What do you mean 3 putt? I’m gonna drill this!”

Mr. 85 reality: No drilling but many, many 3 putts

Solution: Skip the pre-shot routine and lag it to 11 inches short and 7 inches right of the hole for an unexciting 2 putt. You’ll thank me after the round.


While putting is usually a struggle for Mr. 85, chipping is usually a relative strength. Just kidding! His chipping is putrid. Unfortunately, Mr. 85 does not know this because he hit that one chip close to the hole that one time. Let’s take the common situation of having a tough chip over a bunker with little green to work with.

Best player ever: hits a nice flop over the bunker that will be close 30% of the time, 15 feet past 69% of the time, and flubbed in the bunker once in a long while.

Mr. 85’s opinion: “Watch and learn, boys!”

Mr. 85 reality: 49.9% chili chunk in the bunker, 49.9% skull over the green, and that one chip that one time.

Solution: Chip it 15 feet past the hole, where he will probably 3 putt.

Iron shots

Putting and chipping are undoubtedly important but at least a 3 putt is only a single lost stroke. The result of certain iron shots, on the other ungloved hand, can be the golf equivalent of being beaten over the head by Old Tom Morris’ rusty brassie from the 19th century.

There’s no doubt that Mr. 85’s iron game is hideous. He hits chunks, skulls, slices, hooks, and whatever other negative golf terms exist to describe shots. There’s also no doubt that he will continue to be horrible. However, there is hope! Mr. 85 could change his target line. Tucked pin surrounded by bunkers? Go for the middle. Island green? Go for the middle. More than 200 out over water? Lay up.

Let’s take a specific example: second shot on 18 at bay hill from 210 out with the pin back right.

Mr. 85’s opinion: “Here comes a controlled power butter drawfade right at the pin!”

Mr. 85 reality: Too gruesome to be explained in this column. Not for the faint-hearted.

Solution: Go for left and long of the green where your chunk, skull, slice, and hook will all find grass and where you can chip on and make your 5, which is 2.5 strokes below your current average after choosing That-Which-Is-Too-Gruesome-To-Be-Explained.

Mr. 85 might be asking: well, at what distance should I stop aiming for the middle and start aiming at the pin? 150 yards? Answer: Hmmm….yeahhh…. how about at 100 yards and under just to be safe.


The good news with the irons is that the worst Mr. 85 can do (usually) is hit it in the water. That means a nice drop up to where it entered the hazard! The driver, conversely, can introduce a whole new level of punishment in the form of white stakes.

The problem with Mr. 85’s driving is that he believes that he hits ‘ehhhh…. around 70% of my fairways?’ when in reality he’s hit 619 banana slices in a row. Now fast forward to Mr. 85 teeing off on a hole with an array of beautiful, soon to be damaged houses down the right side. Now fast forward to banana slice 620. Now fast forward to Mr. 85 calculating how long it would take him to hop the fence, hit a nice recovery shot back to the fairway without taking too big a divot off of the back yard lawn, and hop back over the fence, all before the angry pitbull in the yard tries to eat his FootJoys and the drunken group behind him gets rowdy. And that’s the best case scenario – worse case is Mr. 85’s playing partners catch him trying to play his shot from out of bounds.

If the latter happens, he would have to re-tee where he will be hitting 3. 3! With no progress made! Remember the beating you took from Old Tom Morris’ brassie? This is way worse. This is like taking Old Tom Morris’ spoonie, dipping it in a pool of anthrax, spearing a beaver with it, feeding it to an alligator, and then having it bite your leg while you’re doing the move where you take your shoes off to play the ball on the edge of the lake even though the sign CLEARLY said to beware of anthrax gators.

Solution: realistically map out your tee shots in a dispersion pattern that you can then adjust your target line on. That means Mr. 85 needs to know that he hits mostly boomerang slices and on the hole that has the houses down the right side needs to pick a new line down the left.


In short, we have learned that penalties from iron shots in the hazard or drives out of bounds are absolutely devastating to Mr. 85’s rounds. The value of the short game, while still a good opportunity for improvement, pales in comparison with the simple changes one can make in the target line. Follow these directions correctly and you will accomplish your goal of being slightly less terrible at golf.

The U.S. Open returns to historic Oakmont Country Club this week for the 9th time.  This week will be about the course as much as it is the high scores the field will post.  As opposed to last year’s contest at Chambers Bay, this week is a return to true U.S. Open style golf with billiard table quick greens and fairways you have to walk down single file.  Will Oakmont play tough?  Take a look at Justin Thomas’s recent video post on Instagram:

Rough short of 17 green… Yeah, I'd say Oakmont is ready 😳 @usopengolf

A post shared by Justin Thomas (@justinthomas34) on

If that’s not enough punishment, here are the greens just in case you happen to hit them:

Yes this will be a challenge! 😅#usopen #oakmont

A post shared by Max Kieffer (@maxkieffer) on

Let the punishment begin!

Top 10
1 Dustin Johnson -4
T2 Jim Furyk -1
T2 Scott Piercy -1
T2 Shane Lowry -1
T5 Sergio Garcia E
T5 Branden Grace E
7 Kevin Na +1
T8 Jason Dufner +2
T8 Zach Johnson +2
T8 Jason Day +2
T8 Daniel Summerhays +2
12 David Lingmerth +3

Winner: Jason Day Dustin Johnson; Jason Day finished T8 at +2
Winning Score: +5 -4
Runner Up: Dustin Johnson winner
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Colt Knost I don’t think he was even in the field, LG.
Last Year’s Winner (Speith) will…: Top 10 T37 at +9
How many prior US Open winners will be in the Top 10: 3 1, Jim Furyk
Masters Champion (Willett) will …: Miss Cut T37 at +9
British Open Champion (Z. Johnson) will …: Miss Cut Top 10, T8 at +2
PGA Champion (Day) will…: Win T8 at +2
Last week’s winner, Daniel Berger, will…: Make Cut T37 at +9
Rory will…: Top 10 Strong Twitter game, poor golf game. MC
Phil the thrill will…: Make Cut Phil the go-home-early thrill
Sergio Garcia will…: Make Cut Top 10, T5 at E
Dustin Johnson will…: Top 10 That’s one way to put “win”
Rickie Fowler will…: Miss Cut Correct
Adam Scott will…: Top 10 Close, T18 at +6
Will anyone break par for all 4 rounds?: No. Correct, DJ was closest with a +1 71 in R3. Kevin Na had 3 rounds in the 60s, but started with 75 on Thursday
What will be the highest score that misses the cut?: +30 89/77, which is a cool +26
Odds that JK and LG ever get to play Oakmont?: 2.5:1 yikes
What will be the major storyline of the tournament: The course dominating the field Probably DJ’s penalty….but, shockingly, Oakmont kind of laid down after the rain.
Bold Prediction?: Jason Day has a 4 putt.  WHO FOUR PUTTS?? Not Jason Day

Winner: Dustin Johnson Correct. JK picks another one
Winning Score: +2 can’t win em all
Runner Up: Bubba Watson T51 at +12
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Daniel Berger T37 at +9
Last Year’s Winner (Speith) will…: T-2 not exactly
How many prior US Open winners will be in the Top 10: 2 Just Furyk.
Masters Champion (Willett) will …: Top 10 nope
British Open Champion (Z. Johnson) will …: MC Top 10
PGA Champion (Day) will…: Top 10 correct
Last week’s winner, Daniel Berger, will…: Top 10 incorrect
Rory will…: Make Cut, probably shoot 62 on the last day, and maybe crack the Top 10 after two 75s.MC
Phil the thrill will…: MC correct
Sergio Garcia will…: Make Cut Top 10
Dustin Johnson will…: Win correct
Rickie Fowler will…: Make Cut incorrect
Adam Scott will…: Can’t Putt / Miss Cut (it’s a haiku) at least i got rhythm
Will anyone break par for all 4 rounds?: not a chance in hell correct
What will be the highest score that misses the cut?: +18 one dude shot +19 for 18 holes!
Odds that JK and LG ever get to play Oakmont?: 1/1 – this WILL happen. more confidence
What will be the major storyline of the tournament: Johnny Miller talking about Johnny Miller wrong network…
Bold Prediction?: Spieth 4-putts….like he did in the British Open AND The Masters…. amazingly, correct

Hello, Friends.


It is a a tournament that requires no introduction, so we won’t waste your time with one.

However, I will waste your time with a personal narrative, because, let’s face it, you’re reading our blog for just this sort of thing.

Last year was my first ever trip to the Masters.  To say that Augusta is awe-inspiring is an understatement.  There is nothing like it in the world of golf.  It literally felt like going to DisneyWorld when I stepped on the grounds.  There is an enormous entrance that is only used for one week a year at Augusta.  There are permanent structures devoted to concessions and merchandise that are used only one week a year.  In fact, there is an entire PRACTICE FACILITY that is only used for one week a year!

And then there was the course.  I have yet to find any pictures, videos, or even course fly-overs that do it justice.  The undulation of the greens, particularly the ones on the front nine that are not often televised (holes 4-6), and the elevation change throughout the course generally must be experienced in person to understand why golf nerds love this place.  These greens could not be built today by any rational golf course designer.  For example, the back right pin location on the par three 6th hole must be one of the most intimidating shots in golf.  My friends and I speculated about the names and origins of the herd of elephant that had been buried under this particular green.  The drop offs around this location look as though they would kick the ball back to the front of the green by any shot that came up even an inch short, and the landing area is about the size of a throw rug.  Naturally, long is dead.  Imagine hitting to that location from 180 yards on Sunday with a 1 shot lead.  Talk about pressure.

Finally, let’s not forget Amen Corner.  There is, of course, it’s remarkable beauty, historical significance in the tournament’s outcome, and the brilliant design of the holes.  While much ink has been spilled about these 3 holes, I’ll do my best to add something of value.  What stood out to me was something I would not have believed had I not seen it with my own eyes.  A friend and I were sitting in the stands watching groups play through during the practice round.  To our left, we watch players attempt a dangerous approach to #11 – a lightening fast green with water short and left with the only bail out to the right.  In front of us, we are treated to views of one of the most storied par 3s in golf history, #12.  To our right, players tee off on the short par five 13th that bends left more than I could have imagined even after watching this tournament for 10 years.  At some point during our reverie, my friend asks me if I see anything strange about the flags on #11 and #12.  Indeed: They were no more than 100 yards apart, and yet, the wind was somehow causing them to point directly at one another.

Are you excited yet?

With a field of young guns, and no odds-on favorite, here are our humble predictions:
Place Player Score
1 Danny Willett -5

T2 Jordan Spieth -2
Lee Westwood

T4 Paul Casey -1
J. B. Holmes
Dustin Johnson

T7 Matthew Fitzpatrick E
Søren Kjeldsen
Hideki Matsuyama

T10 Daniel Berger +1
Jason Day
Rory McIlroy
Justin Rose
Brandt Snedeker

Winner: Rory McIlroy Danny Willett
Winning Score: -14 -5
Runner Up: Jason Day T10
“Unknown” in the Top 10: No unknowns – You’re going to have an insane finish this year. Danny Willett
Last Year’s Winner/US Open Champion (Jordan Speith) Will … (Win, Top 10, Make the Cut, or Miss the Cut): Top 10 correct
How many prior winners will be in the Top 10: 3 1
Dustin Johnson will… Top 10 correct
Bubba Watson will … Top 10 T37 at +9
Louis Oosthuizen … Top 10 T15 at +3, and one INSANE hole in one:
Adam Scott will … Top 10 T42 at +11
Martin Kaymer will … Make Cut correct, T49 at +12
Ernie Els will … Make Cut MC, and still putting on #1:
Jason Dufner will … be found #dufnering by the big tree on Saturday (miss cut) correct..76-77
Sergio Garcia will … Make Cut correct, T-34 at +8
Bryson DeChambeau will … Miss Cut uhg…T21 at +5, and low amateur
British Open Champion (Zach Johnson) will … Top 10 wrong Johnson..MC, 72-80
PGA Champion (Jason Day) will … WIN T10 at +1
Will there be a hole in one? Yes! there were 3 on sunday alone
What will be the major storyline of the tournament?  Insanely packed leaderboard with a shootout on Sunday – Rory, Jason, Rickie, Jordan, Louis, Bubba, Dustin, Phil, Scott, Henrik, and ZJ. sadly, Jordan Spieth choking on his wedge
What is your Bold prediction? There will be a double eagle! nope

Winner: Phil Mickelson MC
Winning Score: -5. After Jordan’s performance last year, I expect the tournament committee to put some teeth back in the course. correct on both fronts
Runner Up: Jordan Spieth correct, sadly
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Stephen Bowdwich MC, 79-82
Last Year’s Winner/US Open Champion (Jordan Speith) Will … (Win, Top10, Make the Cut, or Miss the Cut): top 10 yup
How many prior winners will be in the Top 10: 3 just Spieth
Dustin Johnson will… make the cut Top 10
Bubba Watson will … top 10 last man to make the cut, barely. not even close to the top 10
Louis Oosthuizen … top 10 close…T15 at +3
Adam Scott will … top 10 erm
Martin Kaymer will … miss the cut barely made it
Ernie Els will … take 45 putts to finish the second round. miss the cut he took 45 putts on the first hole
Jason Dufner will … who? Miss cut yup
Sergio Garcia will … make the cut yup
Bryson DeChambeau will … have the ugliest set of golf clubs on the planet. While he misses the cut. close
British Open Champion (Zach Johnson) will … top 10 yikes
PGA Champion (Jason Day) will … top 10 yup
Will there be a hole in one? Yes, but probably by an unknown and probably on the front nine kind of
What will be the major storyline of the tournament? Phil gets his fourth jacket, tying Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. This will be his last major victory not exactly
What is your Bold prediction? Rory McIlroy barely makes the cut, and finishes just outside the top 10 despite a last day chargenot exactly

Glory’s last shot…yada yada yada. Definitively the least exciting or compelling major. Honestly, JK and I nearly forgot to do predictions.

Also, Whistling Straits looks awesome.

Now, for your moment of Zen:

update as of 3/8/2016 – yes, this is how long it took me to finally update this post. you’d think with such an accurate prediction, I’d be able to get to it faster than that. oh well. answers provided in italics. here’s the top 10:
1 -20 Jason Day
2 -17 Jordan Spieth
3 -15 Branden Grace
4 -14 Justin Rose
T5 -13 Brooks Koepka
T5 -13 Anirban Lahiri
T7 -12 George Coetzee
T7 -12 Matt Kuchar
T7 -12 Dustin Johnson
T10 -11 Robert Streb
T10 -11 Tony Finau


Winner: Dustin Johnson (T7, -12)
Winning Score: -12 ( -20, but you got DJ’s score right)
Runner Up: Rickie Fowler (T30, -4)
Low PGA Professional: No one cares. (correct)
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Thongchai Jaidee (cut)
Last Year’s Winner (Rory) Will … (Win, Top10, Make the Cut, or Miss the Cut): make cut (solo 17 at -9, correct)
The Master’s/US Open Winner (Speith) Will: Top 10 (correct. solo second)
The Open Champion (ZJ) Will: make cut (cut)
Will someone win it, or will everyone else lose it? DJ finally closes the deal. No stupid penalties this time.( yeah whatever)
What will be the biggest story of the tournament? See above. (biggest story–jason day crushes it)
Tiger Woods will: Make cut, possible top 10.(73-75. MC. RIP Tiger’s game)
Louis Oosthuizen will: Top 10 <T30, -4
Dustin Johnson will: WIN (top 10)
Rickie Fowler will: Top 10 (not exactly)
Jason Day will: Make cut (sure)
Martin Kaymer (last PGA winner at Whistling Straits) will: Make cut, possible top 10 (good guess, T12 at -10)
Who is most likely to blow it it on the 17th hole on Sunday? No one – DJ take the reigns and gets the job done. (no blowing it. just JDay blowing it away)

Winner: Jason Day (correct)
Winning Score: -11 (-20)
Runner Up: Jordan Spieth(correct)
Low PGA Professional: Johan Kok (77-77, MC. Brian Gaffney was the only club pro to make the cut, finishing at +5 and solo 71st)
“Unknown” in the Top 10: Robert Streb (correct)
Last Year’s Winner (Rory) Will … (Win, Top10, Make the Cut, or Miss the Cut): MC (incorrect)
The Master’s/US Open Winner (Speith) Will: Top 10 (correct)
The Open Champion (ZJ) Will: MC (correct)
Will someone win it, or will everyone else lose it? Win it. The PGA, while least compelling of all the majors, is usually won and not lost. (correct. JDay ran away with it)
What will be the biggest story of the tournament? Spieth in it again (correct for the first day or two, then…it was obvious he had no chance as Day kept striping 360-yard bombs down the middle.)
Tiger Woods will: MC(correct)
Louis Oosthuizen will: Top 10 (incorrect)
Dustin Johnson will: Top 10 (correct)
Rickie Fowler will: Top 10( incorrect)
Jason Day will: Win (correct)
Martin Kaymer (last PGA winner at Whistling Straits) will: MC (incorrect)
Who is most likely to blow it it on the 17th hole on Sunday? Bubba. (while this is true that he is the biggest tool on Tour, there was no losing this one.)