Tiger’s New Flatstick

December 3, 2010

First of all, Tiger shot a beautiful -7 par 65 today at Sherwood Country Club during the Cheveron World Challenge.  Kudos (I never doubted you).  Slightly more interesting to the obsessed  golfer is the fact that Tiger was not using his trusty Scotty Cameron Newport Design putter.  Instead, he opted for a totally different, heel-shafted model.  While we normally see Phil using this type of putter, it seems to have served Tiger well today.  Shooting 7-under requires pretty solid putting, I think.  On the other hand, Tiger appears to have had a phenomenal ball-striking day by missing very few greens in regulation.  Tiger himself said that “I really striped it, hit a lot of good shots. It’s weird, I was telling Steve down there, it’s not too often you can say I shot 65 and only made one putt, but that’s kind of what I did today. I only made one putt and it was on 9. The rest were either two-putts or kick-ins. It was a good ball-striking day.”  Sorry for not having any numbers to back this up, but I’m unable to find any!  I’ll wait to pass judgment on whether this particular change is a good idea.  The change that he should make?  How about going back to the Pro-v1x?

Have a look at the images below to check out Tiger’s new equipment!

One Response to “Tiger’s New Flatstick”

  1. JK Says:

    My question: who makes the new heel-shafter? Did he get it from Scotty, or from someone else. Nice work LG. Let’s find out more about this thing, if we can.

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