Quick Tip: New Life for Old Irons

December 17, 2010

Irons tend to lose their shine more quickly than any other club in the bag.  Those  with numbers stamped and painted on the sole tend to wear unevenly as well.  One technique I like to use to prevent irons from losing their beauty is simply removing all the paint fills from the club.  This takes very little time, and for about $7 (mar-hyde brand Tal-Strip Paint remover), can breath new life into your old forged irons.  All I do is use a spray on paint stripper (acetone never works for me, for some reason), and wait for it to do its thing.  NOTE, be sure to try a small amount of whatever solvent on a test area (or club you don’t use often) just to make sure it doesn’t take the finish off as well.  I haven’t ever tried this with a cast club, so proceed at your own risk.  See the pics below!

With paintfills:

without paintfills:

Paint stripper I used:

If you’re not a fan of the totally blank look, this is also the first step to doing your very own paintfills!  I’m considering experimenting with these guys during the upcoming days off…

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