Fail of the Week 1

April 30, 2011

As an appropriate counterpart to our ever popular “POTW,” we humbly introduce the Fail of the Week.

In his Nationwide Tour Debut, Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher John Smoltz missed the cut at the South Georgia Classic by, not 1, not 2, not 3, but 27 strokes.  He backed up his opening round of 84 with a gentleman’s 87.  Sorry, John, but they count all the strokes out on the tour.

3 Responses to “Fail of the Week 1”

  1. JK Says:

    Feel bad for Smoltzy. Great baseball player. It’s different when you have to play golf in front of a bunch of people. Like Ben Hogan said, there’s golf, and then there’s tournament golf. Wishing you best of luck next year.

    • JK Says:

      by the way…. “Below are some quotes of Tiger Woods on John Smoltz from his press conference at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and then some comments from John Smoltz last week from the PGA TOUR network on Sirius XM radio.

      It was recently announced that John Smoltzhad accepted a sponsor’s exemption to compete in the Nationwide Tour’s South Georgia Classic April 28 – May 1 at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta , Ga. The eight-time Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher has played golf several times with Tiger Woods. In fact, Tiger once invited Smoltz to join him on a trip to play Augusta National. Last Wednesday at Bay Hill, Woods was asked about Smoltz’ golf game.

      Question. John Smoltz is playing in a Nationwide Tour event coming up soon, your thoughts on his game. Obviously you have played a lot together?

      Tiger Woods: And Smoltzy? Well, I had not played with an amateur that had ever shot the scores he shot. I mean, he is a hell of an athlete. He can play basketball. Obviously he was an incredible pitcher. But I think just the way he’s able to take that same tenacity into golf is pretty amazing.
      I’ve gone out there and played with him and he shot, what, 69-67 in the same day. Not too many amateurs can do that, especially when they are still playing a professional sport at the time. So it’s pretty phenomenal.”

      • LG Says:

        It’s all in good fun, sir. Smoltz has more money than either of us could imagine. I think a little ragging due to shooting some bad golf scores is okay… He’ll turn it around. GA golf after all 😉

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