Fail of the Week 3

May 26, 2011

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good you are; you fail. So, with great rumination, this week’s FAIL goes to LG.

LG, our PF readers have to ask: where are you? Of the last 11 posts, only 2 were authored by LG: FAIL 1, authored 4/30/2011, and Tip of the Cap (in honor of Seve Ballesteros), authored 5/7/2011. Now (5/26/2011, btw), I could be understanding and not crucify our comrade for burning the midnight (and early morning) oil in patent litigation, but….seriously dude. Our readers love your work–your course review on Pebble Beach is our highest rated post. The PF needs you. I can show them how to sand down a putter, but, seriously, how many of them are actually going to do that?

So, to you, LG, I salute you with FAIL 3.

Maybe this way I can get you to contribute with a response….or something

2 Responses to “Fail of the Week 3”

  1. LG Says:


    Genius takes time, sir. I am in the process of formulating reviews of two beautiful courses in New Mexico. I do appreciate the nudge to write more, but as you know, my time has been sucked down. I shall make my gallant return to the blogging arena shortly.


  2. JK Says:

    PF READERS! ‘TIS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE (in May)! LG HAS GRACED US WITH A POSTING! Keep up the good work buddy! I look forward to more comments!

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