The Woes of Golf and a Letter to Tiger

June 17, 2011

The Grantland, a compendium of sports knowledge and humor started by the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, recently ran an article that got me thinking about the sad state of golf today:

“3. The U.S. Open, Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, Md.

You know what’s fascinating about Lee Westwood? Nothing is fascinating about Lee Westwood. According to this profile, Lee Westwood is proud to declare that he has never read a book in his entire life. He may be the most boring man alive, and he is the no. 2 golfer in the world. Good luck in your new Tiger-less paradigm, golf.”

Really, Lee?  You’ve never read a book?  Come on, guy.  No wonder people hate golf and think of it as an elitist, bland, mayonnaise flavored “game.”

I was recently visiting one of my favorite watering holes in Palo Alto with a golfer and two non-golfers.  After having a few adult beverages, we got into a discussion about who was the most famous athlete to attend Stanford.  The two non-golfers were adamant that it was John Elway while the golfer and I were equally adamant that it was Tiger Woods.  The two non-golfers did not dispute that Tiger made more money, is/was more dominant, or is more decorated in his game.  Their dispute was that golf is not a sport.  Now, my guess is that neither of these clowns had ever tried to hit a golf ball, but their argument becomes more tenable when players like Tiger are laid up with injuries and we are left with Phil’s “golf” handles to fill up the 55″ widescreen.

I guess my point is, Tiger, the game needs you back.  Rory’s looking good this week, but its still not that compelling.  He (literally) just tied your record for most strokes under par at the U.S. Open, but I’m still not riveted.  From us at the PF, we wish you a speedy recovery, Tiger.  Make golf interesting again.

Aside:  I don’t mean to diminish Rory’s achievement.  Tying any one of Tiger’s records is a feat that any golfer should be so lucky to achieve.  -12 in a U.S. Open is phenomenal.  Rory has played beautiful (and as of  this writing) bogey free golf.  I hope you keep it up, sir.  Tiger shot -12 at Pebble, with second place at +3.  Your work is cut out for you, sir.  I take my hat off to you.

(Click here for the full article from Grantland)

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