Feeling it

July 22, 2011

A fortunate development at work occurred on Tuesday that allowed me to focus my energy on golf for essentially the rest of this week. I took my new found freedom to the valley course at coyote creek. Maybe it was just the sheer joy of being outside in summer time california weather instead of in an air conditioned office, or maybe it was all the Bob Rotella audiobooks I’ve been listening to, but it felt like something clicked. I played extremely well and felt as though I thought my way around a new course in a way that I have never done before. I’ve shot 80 on more than one occasion, but this time didn’t feel like it was an accomplishment.

Today, in extremely windy conditions, I managed to put together an 83 on “less than stellar” greens at my usual course.

I wanted to try to capture the feeling I had on the course during these two rounds for our readers, but honestly, the feeling is nothing. Though I’ve hit some of the best drives I’ve ever hit this week, my only thought has been to keep my head still and visualize a target. To hit a draw, I think “draw,” to hit a fade, I think “fade.” Pitching, chipping, and putting are all exercises in focusing on a target and visualizing a result. If I don’t hit the fairway, it’s no big deal, I’ll still have a shot. If I miss the green, I’m going to get up and down. If I have an 8 footer, well, that putt’s breaking 4.5 inches straight down.

My problem in the past was not enjoying it. I’d take the feeling as a sign I need to practice really hard so I didn’t lose it. While that’s not untrue, I never took the time to enjoy it. It’s fun to hit the ball long distances into the wind. It’s fun to feel like I can make any putt I look at. I hope it lasts, but the old saying is true: you can’t own golf, you just get to borrow it sometimes. At least I can appreciate it right now. Hopefully I can hang on to it long enough to break through the 80s and down into the single digits.

One Response to “Feeling it”

  1. JK Says:

    good stuff LG. you’re close, young grasshopper

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