Review: The Delhi Golf Club – Lodhi Course (New Delhi, India)

August 25, 2011

Namaste, PF Readers!  Today, we review the New Delhi Golf Club.

A little background on how I got to play.  A business contact was able to arrange a tee time for me at this course.  The website ( seems to suggest that this is a public course because it lists greens fees.  The issue is getting a tee time.  Only members are allowed to reserve tee times.  Once this was arranged for me, however, I realized exactly how exclusive this club is.  For example, my group was a threesome that included a retired three star general in the Indian Army and a retired three star general in the Indian Airforce.  Powerful company indeed.  On the back nine, I was paired with the former Chief Justice of the Indian High Court.

Upon arrival, a group of caddies descended upon me.  Two of them promptly began to argue about who would be allowed to loop for me because I had never played here.  Once resolved, I paid the exorbitant sum of about $100 total for greens fee, caddie, two sleeves of Pro v1x’s, tees, rental shoes, rental clubs, and two bottles of water.  While this sounds like a deal any of us would take in America, I was essentially bent over a barrel by Indian standards.  A little local knowledge goes a long way.

As far as a review, I must say the course was stellar.  The layout was challenging, the course, minus the greens, was in pretty good condition, and the views were amazing.  some of the holes were more narrow than almost any other course I’ve seen, but the course is located in the heart of downtown New Delhi (real estate is not cheap here).  Parts of the course had less grass than we are used to on American courses.  This made for some interesting muddy/dirt lies in the middle of the fairway.  Part of my hesitation in providing my top ranking to this course is the fact that I didn’t get to play it as the designer intended.  The rental clubs I was provided were of such low quality that I was unable to play the driver and I broke the three wood on the first swing I took with it.  (again, local knowledge).  All in all however, the course provided a rich golf experience that I hope to relive with my own sticks.

My favorite story of the day, not surprisingly, comes from one of the holes where I had my “shot of the day.”  The seventh hole is a long par 3 that played 185 yard from the blue tees.  The two retired military men had taken their shots as I had run back from the facilities.  They were waiting around the green for my approach.  I hit the “6” iron that came complete with a tennis grip to about 6 feet and received the loudest ovation I’ve ever received on any golf course for a single shot.  I was slapped on the back and bought a round of beers for that shot alone.  I wish it had gone about 6 feet farther, but for that reaction, I’ll take it.  The result is shown below:

One other feature of golf courses that we generally fail to review is the wildlife.  It is impossible to think about this course without thinking of the peacocks.  They were everywhere!  In particular, they were very social.  One came close enough for me to snap this picture on the third hole.  In fact, the caddies carry sweet treats to entice the birds near for pictures for tourists.  See below!

All in all, I must say this trip to the other side of the world (12 hour time difference) found me playing some very interesting and unique golf.

Layout: 8/10
Greens: 4/10
Fairways: 7/10
Cost: 9/10 (conversion rate based review)
Location: 9/10
Staff: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

17th Tee


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  1. JK Says:

    excellent review, LG. looking forward to seeing the international golfing tips as well.

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