Play of the Week 23

September 19, 2011

This week’s POTW is….me. Something always seems wrong with our self-service POTWs, but this week I have to say–I’m pretty happy. After a pretty dismal stretch, the last five sets nine-holes (or each 9 of 45 holes) have all been in the 30s, including 3 nines of -1, 35. Although none have been played on long courses, I finally figured out how to get my ballstriking back to where it was years ago. With the putting and chipping I have been working on lately, it’s been a good ride. The only problem–just about every course in GA has aerated their greens within the past few weeks, so I’m not scoring like I would be if the greens were still pristine. However, it’s been a fun week or so.

What did I change? I started hitting 3-iron on the range and really working to make an inside-out swing. The consistency has been tremendous. Hitting clubs like they were made to be hit…well, it helps.

So here’s to me!

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  1. […] a year and a half ago, I posted of such a time in POTW 23. The ballstriking was on, and, but for a few really bad greens, I probably would have been posting […]

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