An Experience – Peachtree Golf Club

October 20, 2011

This post is about a golf experience. LG and I rarely post about playing private courses because the purpose of our blog is more to inform the readers of things we think will benefit them, not to tell them of the awesome times we had doing XYZ that they may never have the chance to do. It is my stated life goal to play Augusta National, and hearing about someone getting to play there certainly doesn’t get me any closer to it. However, when one of us has a golf experience, we hope our readers find value in enjoying the experience with us. In this way, perhaps when they enjoy a similar experience they can share it with us.

As such, this post focuses on a recent round I played at Peachtree Golf Club in Atlanta, GA. Although few have heard of it, Peachtree Golf Club is a special place.

Peachtree Golf Club is the home of Bobby Jones. It was “designed by two Joneses,” being a collaboration of the mind of Robert Trent Jones, Sr. and Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones. Few people know that Bobby Jones was a successful attorney in an Atlanta law firm, having attended Emory Law School for one one year prior to passing the Georgia Bar and Georgia Tech and Harvard for his Undergraduate studies. (Emory University–LG’s undergraduate alma mater–and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology–my alma mater and my degree). As such, the greatest amateur golfer who ever lived needed a place close to the office to keep his skills sharp, and Peachtree was his home. Having spent time walking the grounds of Augusta National in the past (’97 and ’06), I understand why Mr. Jones enjoyed Peachtree.

At only 200 members, the club boasts little. Its locker room is reminiscent of some mid-60s-designed munis in the area. The scorecard is a single-fold, white cardboard sheet with no pictures–only yardages, handicaps, a single logo of the club, and enough room to list scores. The club has no pool, no tennis, and wastes little on grandeur. You wouldn’t even know the club was there if it weren’t posted on a map–only a line of shrubbery with a driveway and a sign stating “private property” indicates that anything is there. However, it is nonetheless a surreal feeling walking on ground that you know was visited time and time again by the greats of the game. Georgia amateur legend Jeff Knox is posted in the clubhouse as the recent champion of many club championships. No doubt the greats of the game–Tiger, Vijay, Phil, Ernie, etc.–visit before the Tour Championship to hone their skills on the state of Georgia’s signature bermuda rough.

Walking out to the practice range, the pristine zoysia turf appears on the 1st and 18th holes as if it were manicured carpet–not an imperfection to be found. The bunkers appear as white as Corinthian marble. An understated elegance fills the course, as if the land were blessed for the purpose of being the mecca of golf.

As far as course statistics, it is not overwhelming by any stretch. The course is only 6700 yards at its longest. However, the layout is not only challenging, but extremely fair. Much like Augusta, the lightning-fast greens make certain pin placements a serious trap. The second hole, for example, is a 511-yard downhill par 5. The green is guarded by water. The green’s setup is very much reminiscent of the 13th at Augusta National. Having said that, many of our readers will understand the problem with going for the green in two. I hit a 5-iron into the green from 211 (downhill), but bailed left. And the problem with bailing left at Peachtree #2 is the exact same as Augusta #13. I faced a VERY tricky shot over a ridge. I hit my chip into the water and replayed, hit it to 7 feet, and made the bogey putt.

Although I shot a fairly poor 79, I set a personal record of 26 putts, including 11 one-putt greens (it would have been 25 putts, save for a three-putt at the 9th green). However, the more important personal record is 139 feet of putts holed, an absolutely unbelievable number. One of our fellow players–a former college golfer at Vanderbilt–stated “that may be the best putting day I’ve ever witnessed.” And even though I carded a triple bogey and a double bogey (both rare for me), I enjoyed every second of the experience.

To all of the readers out there: I hope you have a similar experience at some point–a chance to feel history and something you love at the same time. You may never play Peachtree, but if you ever have that moment where you’re in the middle of something special, take the time to savor it–it is worth everything. So far, it’s the closest I’ve been to my life goal.

The 14th at Peachtree Golf Club

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  1. LG Says:

    Excellent review, sir. Here’s to getting close to life goals! One day, we’ll write about going to Augusta.

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