Understanding Putters: Intro

July 25, 2012

This post is an introduction to a new series we’ll be offering here on the PF in the coming months: Understanding Putters. Putting is perhaps the most important aspect of the game of golf. It’s where at least 1/3 of your strokes will be played, and it can account for a tremendous success or a horrible failure.

Unfortunately, many classics of golf literature give too scant attention to putting in general. Even the ones that discuss putting fail to discuss how the equipment one might select affects one’s putting performance. Many average golfers are unaware that there are even different types of putting strokes for which different equipment is suggested.

This program will not attempt to teach a putting stroke. Neither LG nor I am qualified to do that. However, we will discuss various theories behind putters, the purpose of different equipment specs, and how the theory integrates with the equipment. Hopefully, with more knowledge, the golfer reading these posts can select the putter that gives him or her the best chance to succeed.

2 Responses to “Understanding Putters: Intro”

  1. Dave L. Says:

    Looking forward to seeing where you go with this…

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