Review: Leather Scorecard Wallets

November 15, 2012

Generally, we here at the PF find golf “accessories” to be unnecessary.  We all know “that guy” at the range with the staff bag and matching “tour” uniform (complete with white belt).  On the other end of the spectrum, there is “that guy” with everything including sharpie, bag tags, ball cleaner, towels, beer dispenser, groove sharpener,ball retriever, cigar holder, portable disco ball, and stereo system  dangling from his 14-way cart bag that it looks like a Christmas tree.  I say this, and look over at my own bag with a towel, bag tag, and brush hanging off the side… In any event, there is one “accessory,” however, that never seems out of place.  We see the pros using them on TV every day, but really don’t think twice about it until we wish we had it.  The scorecard holder.

Today, we review a golf necessity that truly stands the test of time and is worthy of any true golfer’s bag – Stanley Mayhem Scorecard Wallets.

Greg, the designer and manufacturer of these beautiful wallets, makes a wonderful product.  Above is an example of one of a pair of custom-designed scorecard wallets that he worked with me on in record-breaking time.  I must say, he was was great to work with.  He took my totally unreasonable request to make these wallets in a half his usual time and made it a reality.  A quick story: I had planned a trip to ATL to spend some time with JK and play a course (to review for this blog).  I wanted to have these wallets as a thank you for getting us out to the course, but the plan eventually fell through.  In any event, Greg was very accommodating and had the wallets in my hands prior to when I was scheduled to leave for ATL.

This picture is a little darker, but I wanted show the depth of the color of the dye used in this wallet.  It is a very rich dark brown color.  The letters on the bottom are “PF” for this blog.  This particular model is called the “storyteller.”  Other models include multiple pockets, custom insignia, and other amenities.  I just wanted a basic model that used elastic, had a pencil holder, and provided a solid writing surface.  The interior pocket on the flap is nice a nice bonus; I use it for holding my NCGA cards and a small amount of cash for on-course refreshments :).

Greg was nice enough to add a customization to the interior pocket – the two turtles.  This was a shout-out to JK for something he said one of the first time we played a round of golf together as summer associates.

Another example taken from Greg’s catalogue: The Nettle:

Other options include choice of colors of leather: Bison Brown, Charcoal Black, Scarlet Red, Forest Green, Deep Blue, Sunset Orange, Natural, and Deep Purple.  Greg notes that each wallet is dyed three times and sealed to prevent leeching of the dye onto clothing.  He cautions that the wallet should not be used in light colored clothing the first few times that you use it, but I never had an issue with leeching.

Once you make the very difficult decision to forego picking up a belt from Greg as well, he makes the process very easy.  Send him an email ( with your idea and he’ll draw up an electronic design for you.  You make any changes, and wait until Greg hand makes your custom design.  Once your design is complete, Greg packages it up (very nicely, i might add) and ships it off to you.  It’s that simple.

Total cost for 2 custom-designed PowerFade golf wallets – $160.  Look no further for true golf luxury and craftsmanship.  I have used this wallet since about April and will never use anything else.  It has worn in well and only looks better with time.  To get your own, get in touch with Greg:

2 Responses to “Review: Leather Scorecard Wallets”

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  2. ReneGB Says:

    I ordered a character white from Greg after a very quick and interactive design process. Greg is very quick with ideas and responses. I received the scorecard holder today (in the Netherlands) and am very very positively surprised with the quality and the personalised touch. Great job Greg, well done!

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