Apologies and Moving Forward

March 5, 2013

Dear Readership,

We apologize for our months long delay in posting.  We have had numerous personal and professional issues between the two of us that have prevented us from being as active as we would like to be with the PF.  Whether it was traveling more weeks than not or changing jobs, we have simply not had the time to commit to the blog that we would like.  Like our friend Rory, we have not been in the best place mentally to give the PF our best.  But like Rory, we recommit to providing you with course reviews, equipment reviews, and technical know-how to improve your own game and golf experience.  Please stay tuned for new reviews and tips!

Thanks for sticking with us.

-The PF Team


One Response to “Apologies and Moving Forward”

  1. JK Says:

    you’re friends with Rory?

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