Fail of the Week 13

August 11, 2014

We’ve been putting off the 13th edition of our FAIL series for quite some time because it’s such a dubious honor (and possibly because we’ve been kind of bad at posting updates lately, but we’ll go with the first reason). It’s time.

This week’s FAIL goes to…drum roll….


The two-time Master’s Tournament champion often incites odd responses from people, sometimes rubs folks the wrong way, and is wacky almost a totality of the time. Bubba constantly produces goofy self-videos (see; some of his exploits include (1) playing putt-putt with buddies, (2) hijacking a Golfsmith outside of LA and challenging the staff to a putting competition and a local man who was nearing retirement to a long drive competition, (3) driving a hovercraft golf cart around (see By all accounts the guy is a bit of a goofball. Some people would even go as far as to say fun-loving.

Apparently not.

The PGA Championship practice rounds included a little bit of fan fun this year–a long drive competition for the pros on the par 5 10th hole. The hole measures 595 yards. It’s not like anyone on Tour is going to be hitting anything other than driver. Unless you get your panties in a wad, and that’s exactly what happened to Bubba.

Despite being one of the longest hitters on Tour, Bubba decided he wanted to make a statement, pulling 3-iron instead of driver (see SBNation story for video: Bubba was quoted as saying “I’m there to play golf, not to hit it far. I’ve got to practice. I’ve never been to the course. I don’t need to worry about a long drive on the 10th hole.”

Really, Bubba? It’s a practice round. It’s not like you couldn’t hit 3-iron if you wanted to (which you didn’t–it’s a 595-yard par 5, and you hit driver every single day of the tournament! see videos at and then follow-up with a driver for the fans. It’s a freaking practice round!

Most surprising, however, is this remarkably serious stance from the guy who literally stated “No drills, that makes it a job. I don’t want it to be a job. I just want to have fun and play golf for a living….for me, it’s just goofing around. This is just golf. This is just fun. It shouldn’t be work.” (see

Really Bubba?

To you, we here at the PF say, you have FAILED!

bubba is an epic fail

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