Play of the Week #….?? (JK, let’s stop numbering them)

April 25, 2015

This err.. week’s… play of the week goes to…. the PowerFade!


Golf Top 18 recently named The PowerFade as one of the top 100 course reviewers online!  Here’s what they had to say about the PowerFade specifically:

“The Power Fade Golf Blog by JK and LG.  Fun golf blog written by friends LG, a California lawyer and JK, who just loves golf.  The purpose of the blog is to share some new opinions with the golfing world– though we love the golf course reviews, some conversations they record on their main blog are highly entertaining as well.”

Honestly, JK and weren’t even sure anyone else read the blog.  I was pretty sure people were just being misdirected here when they were trying to find a new putting tip.  All kidding aside, we’re very humbled to receive this honor and hope that our blogging has been entertaining and useful for those of you who take the time to read our thoughts.  If nothing else, this award has shamed JK and me into thinking of new items to post and into digging through old scorecards and iPhone pictures for courses to review.

Thank you, Golf Top 18, and to all of our readers.

Full article here:  Check out the other honorees, but don’t read their stuff instead of ours.

-LG and JK

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