Play of the Week 8

January 13, 2011


This week’s POTW goes to DJ–my man! Dustin Johnson is reportedly dating darling of the LPGA Natalie Gulbis. Gulbis followed DJ at the back nine of the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Gulbis, who apparently leaked the news, stated “I’ll let Dustin handle our PR” with a smile.

Johnson has purportedly denied a relationship with Gulbis. The big question: why! Come on dude! You landed the hottie of the LPGA. Brag about it a little. According to ( “The only thing longer than Dustin Johnson’s drives are Natalie Gulbis’s legs.”

While some would say Paula Creamer is #1 hottie for the LPGA (a lot of people: , DJ certainly could have done worse.

So here’s to you DJ! You may not have won the 2010 US Open at Pebble, which you should have. You may not have won the 2010 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, which you should have. You may not have landed PF favorite Lauren Thompson. But you certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to landing a hottie. Here’s hoping you find the fairway.

And, just for good measure, let’s not forget about the darling of the PF… Lauren Thompson, official hottie of The Power Fade.

Here’s to you too. 8)