Fail of the Week 10

December 12, 2012

This fail of the week comes a little late, but with a large amount of failure. The PGA Tour gets the crown this week for its failure to make an exception for 17 year old Si Woo Kim of South Korea. Somehow, this machine of a 17 year old not only overcame what must have been immense culture shock during his amazing run, but also made it through all four stages of the last Q school EVER to send players right up to the big boy tour.

Talk about pressure. For all of his effort, which would normally result in 7 figure endorsement deals, Kim’s big achievement likely earned him only a spot on ESPN Golf’s news feed until Rory McIlroy is caught by the press in a bar in Vegas with yet another terrible haircut. I mean, come on Rory, what were you thinking?


Now, whether you think he should be allowed to play or not, the fact that he gets no choice in the matter seems kind of ridiculous to me. If you’re 17 and can make it through 4 of the hardest tournaments in the world, why shouldn’t you at least have the choice to play golf if you want? No concussions or life ending injury,and an insanely long playing career make this far less controversial for me than most professional sports. In any event, we here at the powerfade want to congratulate Si Woo Kim on doing something no one will ever be able to do again. You are the man. Keep swinging!