Predictions: Tiger Woods Edition

August 3, 2011

*8/8/11 update by LG:  Let’s see how we did! (Grades below)

Tiger is coming back at the Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone. He’s been a magician at Firestone, pulling out 7 wins at the course. However, in his last tournament (at Sawgrass), he shot 42 on the front 9 and pulled out. So, here are some predictions about Tiger’s return that we should address.

Tiger will (MC, Make Cut, Top 10, Win): MC – While I hope this was a joke, let’s go ahead and make it official.  WRONG
Final score relative to par: +4 – +1 – Close, but no cigar.  Tiger made 3 birdies coming in to put the kibosh on this 
Facial hair will be: Goatee  – Correct!  Apparently Gillette ISN’T the best a man can get.  Real men have facial hair.
Who will win? Graeme McDowell – Incorrect – Aussie Adam Scott took it down with Steve Williams on the bag and a putter longer than the list of issues with America’s finances.  Gmac took down solo 65th at +9.
Will Tiger be in the last group on one of the weekend days? No – Correct
Will Tiger ever hold the lead? No – Correct
What will be his biggest issue? Putting – Hard to say – Tiger says hitting the ball too straight caused a lot of issues for him.  Putting wasn’t great, but not sure it was his “biggest issue”
What will be his biggest strength? Confusing the media with cryptic answers – Not sure, Tiger’s always abundantly clear – It’s a process.  Going to go with Incorrect on this one. 
Who will caddy for him? Looks like it will be Bryon Bell – Well done. 

LG will not participate in this predictions segment, as he is on vacation. Have fun LG!

LG’s Answers:

Top 10 – Incorrect, but hey, at least I picked something that could have actually happened.
Final Score -8 – +1 – eh.  What are you going to do?  -8 would have just nearly made the top 10.  
Goatee – See above.  Because I am the only PF-er with facial hair, this is a double win. 
As much as I hate to say this: Rickie Fowler – T-2.  CLOSE!  Fowler and Luke Donald tied for first losers at -13 while Scott took down the title in style at -17.  
NO last group – Correct
No lead – Correct
Issue – Driving – Tiger described this as his biggest issue, but not because he was all over the place, but because he was driving it “too straight.”  I wish I had that problem, Tiger. 
Strength – chipping/short game – Tiger’s first round 68 found him hitting 75% of greens in regulation.  Clearly, his short game brought up the rear. 
Bell on the bag (but it should be me!!) – Correct!  

LG: B+
JK: C- 

All-in-all, Seems like LG came out on top.

5 Responses to “Predictions: Tiger Woods Edition”

  1. JK Says:

    YAY LG! In a break from usual procedure, LG participates in the blog that lists him as author. Although I’m not sure how you’d call your predictions a “win,” I’m glad the type-A in you feels good about it.

    Nice to have you back. Is this a new LG we’re seeing????

  2. RR Says:

    Just wait til he reviews that course in Delhi…

  3. RR Says:

    Thanks, but save if for Nov.! 🙂

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