Play of the Week 20: 100th Post!

August 9, 2011

This week’s play of the week goes to … THE PF! In our 20th POTW, we post our 100th post all-time.

At the current moment, we have been writing for less than one year and have over 7,700 views all-time–and are climbing every day. LG, I have very much enjoyed this little project we have. Although it’s not always easy to maintain, it’s milestones like these where we remind ourselves just how much fun we have here.

Thanks to all our readers for keeping us in it. Your thoughts, comments, and viewership have been a great benefit to us. We look forward to posting our 1000th post sometime soon.

2 Responses to “Play of the Week 20: 100th Post!”

  1. RR Says:

    Awesome! You guys rock! P.S. Grow some facial hair, JK.

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