PF Birthday

October 6, 2013

Three years ago today, LG and I embarked on a journey. As many of you know, it started with a few conversations about the game, a few moments watching golf and beating the commentary to the punch, and an experiment to figure out if we could do any better. What came out of that was a place where we collect our thoughts and–hopefully–help others thrive in this glorious game into which we put so much energy and effort. Although the PF has seen a recent decline in postings and material (thanks to outside factors greatly influencing LG’s and my ability to have a few free moments in front of a computer), the PF remains a host for our thoughts, our memories, and at least a portion of our contribution to making this game better for those who come after us. We’re thankful for your continued readership, and we’re looking forward to more greatness in the future.


PF Update

September 3, 2013

Many thanks to LG for making the trip to my new locale to visit, meet the children, and play some golf. Many of you may not realize that for years LG and I lived 2,500 miles apart. Our contributions to this endeavor were almost exclusively electronic. Although we’re now a good bit closer in proximity, it’s still a big deal if we get together.


And, like all big deals, we celebrate well. Our last four PF outings have included Wolf Creek (Las Vegas, Spring 2012?), East Lake (Atlanta, Fall 2012), Pebble Beach (Monterey, January 2013), Spyglass (Monterey, January 2013), and Torrey Pines (San Diego, August/September 2013). Although I can’t vouch for the level of play, it was still a tremendous experience playing Torrey, and it’s always a great time when LG and JK get a chance to chat face-to-face. Now all LG needs to do is learn how to putt!


Thanks again to LG, and we’ll see you soon at another big time venue.

Tiger’s Greatness

August 5, 2013

As we turn the page on another Tiger Woods march to victory, I find it increasingly important to examine what we have witnessed. Greatness at a game that demands perfection is simply inspiring. So let’s start by taking a moment to soak in what we just witness. Tiger Woods just put one of the most important tournaments of the year (Firestone) on ice by shooting 61 on Friday, scaring 59 and breaking the course record, rendering the final two days a mere victory lap.

Lost in the shuffle of Tiger’s recent major drought is that his greatness had seemingly waned, so much so that, when I passed a TV on Friday and saw his round in progress, I assumed it was a flashback to a prior year. “The Tiger we have now doesn’t dominate tournaments anymore,” I thought. “Sure he wins Bay Hill and Memorial every year, but he needs outrageous flop shots and heroic putts to win.”

We’ve lost sight.

Tiger has won more than 1/4 tournaments in which he has played. He’s won five times this year. But we all think he’s not what he once was because he’s finished second and third in majors more times than most of his peers have made the cut.

It’s time to take a step back and admire what we’re seeing. The night before Phil Mickelson choked away the US Open for the sixth time, I sent LG a text reminding him that, no matter what you think of Phil, he is one of the all timers.

We’ve lost sight of what these players have given us. Let’s take a moment to appreciate it all.

just wanted to link to a great posting that a friend pointed me to today. This applies as much to life as to golf. Think hard about what it means.


Nice win, Tiger.  But seriously?

77 PGA Tour wins? 8 times at Bay Hill alone?  8? 

That’s an insane PGA Tour CAREER for most players, but you had to do it on one course.  

That’s about all we need to say.  

Good job holding off Rickie, if he was even in your rear view.  That orange is pretty distracting.  

Oh, you should probably try the new R1 before Augusta.  14 fairways.  Think about it.  


How many times have you checked in your golf clubs with an airline due to the enticement of vacation golf?  Now, how many times have you received your clubs only to find your precious Scotty Cameron to have a new idiot mark on it that you didn’t put there?  JK and I have had that experience all too often.  In fact, JK used to carry a special travel putter just so his gamer wouldn’t get nicked by TSA.

Well, JK, TSA now agrees with us that this is ridiculous.  Beginning April 25, passengers on U.S. flights will be allowed to carry on — among other things — up to two golf clubs.  This marks a huge win for reticent golfer who would have rather rented “clubs” at the course than check or ship his own.  There are obviously 12 more reasons to keep fighting, but for now, we have two reasons to be very excited.  Also, please be advised, this rule does not appear to apply to international flights.  Those of you traveling abroad for your golf will still have to check the Big Dog and Lola.

I am also particularly excited because TSA will now allow me to to carry on include pool cues!  If you think golfers are anal about their equipment, go talk to a pool junkie.  Also, for you knife enthusiasts, you can carry on a retractable blades shorter than 6 centimeters (2.36 inches) and narrower than 1/2 inch.  Why the two different metrics, you ask?  I guess TSA really just wants to use both sides of that ruler.  Enjoy!

Dear Readership,

We apologize for our months long delay in posting.  We have had numerous personal and professional issues between the two of us that have prevented us from being as active as we would like to be with the PF.  Whether it was traveling more weeks than not or changing jobs, we have simply not had the time to commit to the blog that we would like.  Like our friend Rory, we have not been in the best place mentally to give the PF our best.  But like Rory, we recommit to providing you with course reviews, equipment reviews, and technical know-how to improve your own game and golf experience.  Please stay tuned for new reviews and tips!

Thanks for sticking with us.

-The PF Team